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You Wouldn't Place a Microwave in Front of a Sleeping Baby Would You???

Like all mothers, I only want what's best for my kids. Society/friends/doctors/bloggers tell us to feed them clean unprocessed foods as much as possible, limit screen time, read and read and read some more from before they are even born, go outside for fresh air, sweet treats should be exactly just that - a treat. The list goes on and on! And even if you aren't feeding your kids organic grass fed beef and keeping red 40 out of their diets or allow them to watch a show on your phone while you get work done the point is, as mothers we are all doing the best we can in the way we know how. There is no hard and fast rule book for how to raise your kids, but at the end of the day we all want what's best for our kids! We want to keep them out of harms way, shielding them for all things bad in the world, and keeping them healthy.

I recently stumbled across an article on how harmful baby monitors are to our precious children while they sleep. The article suggests baby monitors, especially digital monitors that transmit via Bluetooth, Wi–Fi -2.4 GHz or DECT, emit microwave radiation at "full blast" from the moment they are turned on - both the base and parent handheld set. So how harmful is it anyway? A baby's brain is still developing and is the most vulnerable to the radiation. As one of the articles mentioned, you wouldn't put a microwave in front of a sleeping baby would you?

Click on the links to read the articles here and here. And better yet, send the link to this blog to all the mama's you may know. I thought I had done my fair share of research on products I was using with or around my kids, turns out, I'm still learning!


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