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We realize some people may be unsure if physical therapy is right for them. Are you wondering if it'll work or if we can help with your problem? If that sounds like you and you'd like to come see for yourself how we can help you, just fill out the simple form above so we can answer your questions.

We Solve The root Cause of your Low Back PAIN

No painful injections

No unnecessary surgery

No expensive medications 

Debbie, L

Sigri is a great knowledgeable physical therapist who goes the extra mile for her clients. Not only does she travel to you, but she also has times that work conveniently for busy moms. She is well-versed with all the changes women's bodies go through during pregnancy and postpartum as a mom of 3 herself. I started seeing Sigri during my second pregnancy all the way up to 5 months postpartum. During stay at home orders, we did virtual visits which was very convenient. I initially reached out to bump fit when I was in unbearable pain. Before bump fit, I had a bad experience with a local chiropractic to deal with hip and pubic bone pain from pregnancy that sent me searching for better options. I stumbled across bump fit in a local moms group online and honestly had no idea how much I needed a pelvic floor physical therapist until I started working with Sigri. She taught me functional stretches and exercises to help ease my pains and prepare for labor. Working with Sigri was better than seeing a chiropractor in my opinion. She took time to explain things and always was quick to respond to my questions. I started to experience relief shortly during my pregnancy and was able to resume exercise safely postpartum despite having diastasis recti. Working with bump fit helped me to still be active up to delivery and make it through a long labor. I wish I had known about Sigri when I had my first child, especially postpartum. I would encourage all pregnant/postpartum moms to see a physical floor therapist and better yet see Sigri! She also sees anyone in pain or who needs physical therapy as well.

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Nora, C.

I got incredible, individualized PT during my pregnancy, from diagnosis to treatment. When my other healthcare practitioners couldn't diagnose my issues, Sigri knew right away how to help. After our first session, my pain improved dramatically, and we gradually worked up from pain relief to strengthening, ultimately helping me prepare for labor. I'm so grateful for Sigri's help and expertise!


Back Pain

Studies have been shown that an average of 50% of all pregnant women will suffer from low back pain. Additionally 1/3 of these women will experience severe pain affecting their quality of life, the majority of women will be affected during their first pregnancy, and 80% report low back pain affects their daily routine. American Pregnancy Association states, "it [low back pain] should be expected to some degree by most women"



Causes for low back pain 

  • Increase of hormones

  • Particularly relaxin hormones

  • Pelvic ligaments soften and loosen Joints and decreases support your back normally receives

  • Changing center of gravity - as your uterus and baby grow it will cause your posture to change

  • Weight gained from pregnancy, baby put additional stress and strain to your back

  • Poor Posture, prolonged standing and or repetitive bending can bring on or worsen back pain.

  • Some women experience back pain at the onset of pregnancy while those who had pre-existing low back pain or are overweight may increase their chances of worsening their low back pain.


We will work to resolve your low back pain by first identifying the root cause and then working towards correcting any associated problems. We have a hands on approach to physical therapy to improve posture, alignment, muscle imbalances and incorporate exercise to improve your core strength, balance, posture and provide  you with the knowledge to continue treating your back through the length of your pregnancy or once the pain has been resolved. 

Meet The Team

Pelvic floor Maryland, physical therapy Maryland, women's health Maryland, diastasis recti Maryland, low and upper back pain Maryland



Doctor of Physical Therapy | Corrective Exercise Specialist| Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Specialist| Concussion Specialist

Dr. Sigri Reyes is the owner and founder of Bump Fit Physical Therapy. Through her personal experiences in pregnancy and postpartum, Dr. Reyes’ interest peaked in this specialized field because she realized follow up visits with her OBGYN were not as comprehensive as other countries around the world. This leaves many postnatal women at risk for injuries, pain and movement dysfunctions.

Get the high quality, one-on-one patient care you deserve! 
Pelvic floor Maryland, physical therapy Maryland, women's health Maryland, diastasis recti Maryland, low and upper back pain Maryland
Corrective Exercise Specialist  through National Academy of Sports Medicine. 
Pelvic floor Maryland, physical therapy Maryland, women's health Maryland, diastasis recti Maryland, low and upper back pain Maryland
We have advanced training through The Tummy Team.
Pelvic floor Maryland, physical therapy Maryland, women's health Maryland, diastasis recti Maryland, low and upper back pain Maryland
Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 10.59.47
Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise
Specialist through Knocked Up Fitness
Becoming Pain Free & Healthy Is Easier Than You Think
Step 1:
Call our expert team
Step 2:
We'll work with you to find and treat the cause of your pain.
Step 3:
Get back to being a healthy strong mom!
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  • Bump Fit Physical Therapy
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