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Get Results From A Clinical Expert, From The Comfort Of Your HOME 

Bump Fit Physical Therapy Telehealth Visits

Take The First Step Toward Getting Pain Free

Example Telehealth  Visit With Dr.  Sigri Reyes, DPT



What Do You Get With The Bump Fit Physical Therapy Telehealth Visit?

Great Question. Here Is Everything You Get During The Visit:

30 Minute Evaluation With Board Certified Specialist ($297 Value)

This comprehensive Telehealth visit will focus on solving the root cause of your pain and making sure you fully understand why you have your pain and what is causing it.

Get An Accurate Differential Diagonsis (*Included)

Learn all of the possibilities or root causes that could be WHY you are experiencing your pain and symptoms.

Breakdown And Review Other Patient Cases Similar To Yours (*Included)

See what exactly happened with other patients with the same or similar diagnosis and how they recovered.

Live Q & A With Your Doctor Of Physical Therapy ($99 Value)


You will have plenty of time to ask any question you may have about your pain, treatment, outcomes, etc.

BONUS #1 Get A Customized Video Based Home Program ($185 Value)

Now that we know what is wrong, we work on fixing it!  Get an individualized home program for you to start with day 1!

BONUS #2 Get Access To A Physical Therapist 24/7 ($49 Value)


No need to wait days and weeks to ask a question. Call, text, or email your Specialist at any time... plus, get instant feedback.


But As A Special Offer, You Get All Of This For Only .....



Bump Fit Physical Therapy Telehealth Visits

Take The First Step Toward Getting Pain Free

Contact Us

Thank You For Submitting! A Physcial Therapist Will Be In Contact With You!

Example Telehealth  Visit With Dr.  Sigri Reyes, DPT

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 10.17.27

No Questions Asked!

Yes... This is correct! No one in health care offers this! Not only do we guarantee your money back, but if you don’t like the telehealth consultation, or if you feel the treatment is not working, if you don’t like the results you are getting, we believe that you should not have to pay for treatment if it doesn’t work. So we will give it all back to you. No questions asked. No hard feelings.


Genesis, L.


Karina R.

I am a mom of three kids and am 2 months postpartum. I was dealing with severe back pain and I was in desperate need of help. I found Sigri on google and she was amazing from the first time I called. I was excited about Telehealth because she explained how the sessions were going to go and laid out my treatment plan. The online sessions were smooth and she was moving around with me instead of just talking to me. My back pain is gone and I don't know where I would be without her. 

Sigri is, without a doubt, an amazing physical therapist! I have been going to her for any injury or pain I've had the past couple years. She has treated me for a concussion and low back/hip pain. For both treatments, she explained with such clarity and patience the plan she had for my rehab. The exercises Sigri had me doing not only brought me long-term relief, but greater flexibility and strength to return to playing sports. She's so professional and fun to work with! She keeps you motivated and makes sure you get the best care possible. I recommend her 100% Thanks Sigri !!

Meet The Team

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Doctor of Physical Therapy | Corrective Exercise Specialist| Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Specialist| Concussion Specialist

Dr. Sigri Reyes is the owner and founder of Bump Fit Physical Therapy. Through her personal experiences in pregnancy and postpartum, Dr. Reyes’ interest peaked in this specialized field because she realized follow up visits with her OBGYN were not as comprehensive as other countries around the world. This leaves many postnatal women at risk for injuries, pain and movement dysfunctions.

Get the high quality, one-on-one patient care you deserve! 
Corrective Exercise Specialist  through National Academy of Sports Medicine. 
We have advanced training through The Tummy Team.
Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 10.59.47
Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise
Specialist through Knocked Up Fitness
Becoming Pain Free & Healthy Is Easier Than You Think
Step 1:
Call our expert team
Step 2:
We'll work with you to find and treat the cause of your pain.
Step 3:
Get back to being a healthy strong mom!
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