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Attention:  Ladies dealing with Diastasis Recti! Free Zoom Workshop!


Sigri Reyes, DPT, Pelvic Floor Specialist

Bump Fit Physical Therapy

Go to the Diastasis Recti Workshop and Learn: 

1. The top 3 causes of diastasis recti that can lead to the dreaded mommy pooch, low back pain and affect your pelvic floor

2. #1 single biggest mistake that diastasis recti sufferers make that can lead to surgery.

3. A sure-fire way to get your life back and pick the right treatment for the cause of diastasis recti ( and save you time and money)

4. What successful treatment and permanent relief looks like without the use of belly binders or surgery.

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Sigri Reyes, DPT, Pelvic Floor Specialist

Bump Fit Physical Therapy

Who is the Virtual Workshop For?

The Diastasis Recti Workshop is for people dealing with a weak core, postpartum mommy pooch, low back pain and pelvic floor problems who are looking to feel normal again and heal naturally. 

1. Are you afraid to move because you fear your Diastasis may get worse?

2. Do you find yourself covering your midsection because you feel you still look pregnant?

3. Are you constantly working on your midsection without success?

4. Have you tried online programs but weren't able to close the gap?

5. Do you feel lost, unsure or limited in what you can or should do?

6. Do you feel like you are missing out or held back because of your diastasis recti problem?


Sigri Reyes, DPT, Pelvic Floor Specialist

Bump Fit Physical Therapy

What Do Others Have To Say About Bump Fit Physical Therapy?

I went to a free info session that Sigri was having at Shift Yoga Studio, because I had been having some tightness and weakness in my pelvic floor postpartum. Sigri had a lot of really great information and was really helpful at the info session so I decided to do PT with her -- it's also really nice that she comes to your house for therapy. I had never done PT and much less for my pelvic floor so I wasn't sure what to expect. Sigri clearly explained things and always made sure I understood the reason for doing the various exercises and therapies. I really liked how her PT care consisted of a variety of things including exercises, cupping, PT tape, theragun, and massage therapy. Within a few weeks I had noticed some changes and by the end of my work with her I was pretty much back to "normal". Being an avid yogi, I felt strong enough to go back to my classes, and no longer had any pain or discomfort. I'm so happy I did my therapy with Bump Fit PT -- it was convenient, fit into my schedule, and really effective in helping me recover.

Alba S.

I found Sigri through my OBGYN. I was experiencing a tremendous amount of hip pain and pubic symphysis pain due my body releasing too much relaxin hormone. I Choose to go with Bump Fit Physical Therapy because I wanted to work with someone who specializes in woman’s health and has experienced pregnancy herself. Sigri is extremely knowledgeable. Bump Fit Physical Therapy helped me with some of the easiest tasks such as turning in bed and walking and dressing myself. If you are pregnant and experiencing pain walking, putting pants on and pain sleeping at night, I strongly encourage you make an appointment with Bump Fit Physical Therapy.

Sara V.

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At my six-week follow-up appointment after my third child birth, I was diagnosed with diastasis recti. I did some research for a pelvic floor therapist and came across the Bump Fit Physical Therapy instagram page. Sigri offered a free workshop at a local yoga studio and from there we connected to begin my rehab journey. Sigri's bedside manner is very easygoing, yet professional, and she answered any questions or concerns I had throughout the process. I definitely felt my core strengthen after just 2-3 sessions, and she provided me with some exercises and stretches that gave me immediate pain relief. My recommendation is to definitely use the services of Bump Fit Physical Therapy if you are experiencing any discomfort prenatal and/or postnatal. There is no need to settle for the aches and pains of pregnancy and/or the fourth trimester. Let Sigri guide you toward relief so that you can live the best version of yourself in motherhood.

Mother with her Baby

Tiffany M.

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