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See what our patients are saying about their Concierge experience and One-on-One treatment approach 

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Genesis L.

Bump Fit had an excellent fitness plan for me as I eased back into fitness after my second c section. Their fitness plan allowed me to reconnect with my core and shed the baby weight. The workouts were simple and effective and I was able to do them at home with minimal equipment with my baby by my side.

Happy Mother with her Child

Victoria S.

Strained my latissimus dorsi when I incorrectly lifted a 5 gallon bottle of water. Pain felt like a sharp knife. Sigri saw me on the same day. She taught me how to use ice and heat. She showed me stretches and exercises to regain strength. I like how she made sure I was doing them correctly, and was comfortable doing them on my own. She was kind and patient, and so good at what she does! She followed up with me via Zoom because I have a crazy schedule. She gets what its like to be a working mom. She is a professional gem.


Joyce K.

Sigri is awesome! I had some upper back pain after the birth of my son and it would not go away. My core isn’t great and I probably got the pain due to the way I was nursing my son. Sigri came by to my home for an initial eval and showed me some exercises and stretches to help regain strength in my back. The second check up, we talked via Video chat and she showed me more exercises to help manage and maintain my posture along with tips on ways to nurse to help with my back. The video chat was super convenient because I didn’t have to leave my house and I could still take care of my newborn. I still felt like I received quality care and advice as I would in an in-person meeting. Sigri is very knowledgeable and listened to all my concerns. She’s friendly and an easy person to talk to. She knew exactly what my needs were and I can’t thank her enough for helping me with my back. I highly recommend her. Thanks Sigri!

Mother with her Baby

Alana F.

Bump fit & Rehab is great. I suffer from lumbar pain and sciatica. I learned how to relieve such pain with several exercises and education on what I should and shouldn't do. All my questions were answered pertaining to daily activities as a working mom and what I can do to prevent worsening the pain. I felt like with the pain I was limited but with Sigri's encouragement I feel movitated to stay active



I had lower back pain and hand injury. Sigri came to my daycare facility and was able to treat both injuries. I found relief immediately and the exercises that were given to me have helped keep the pain away. She was very professional and communicative throughout the whole process. Wouldn't be able to run my daycare business without her! Thank you SIGRI!!


Connie, G.

Sigri was amazing. I called Bump Fit and Rehab because my back was hurting and I couldn't move. Since I couldn't move I loved the fact that they come to people's homes and provide the service. Sigri was professional and patient with me. After a couple of treatments, I was moving around again and so excited that I had to hug Sigri. Thank you Sigri for getting this Mom back and healthy again!!


Ariel, K.

Sigri is the best! Very professional and knowledgeable, takes time to explain any questions or concerns you may have. She is very personal with patients and builds great relationships. Cares a lot and gets you back to where you need to be!

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Stacy, T.

Sigri is so patient and understanding. I felt that she not only understood my issues from a professional perspective, but also a personal. I knew she understood my frustrations with my diagnosis of DR because she is a mother of two and has experienced DR herself.


Jennifer H.

Sigri is absolutely the best! I have a daughter who is Autistic and going to physical therapy in the past has been challenging for her and for the therapists. When I found out that Bump Fit Physical Therapy comes to people's homes, I had to try it out . Sigri was very patient with my daughter, especially because she was in alot of pain due to upper back pain. Sigri diagnosed the problem and tried multiple solutions that would ease the stress of my daughter. She was always flexible and ready to deal with any situation that arouse with my daughter. Very patient!! After my daughter's last treatment she provided me with more information on how to care for myself and not injure myself while trying to help my daughter. Sigri you are awesome and thank you again!!!

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Kim Z.

I'd like to express my sincere appreciation to Sigri and the work she does at Bump Fit Physical Therapy. I had been suffering from symphysis pubis dysfunction after being pregnant with twins. I needed physical therapy and visited other therapists to no relief. I contacted Sigri and was truly Impressed with her attention detail and relatability. The reception, customer focus, and professional dedication of my entire experience was exceptional. I'd especially like to recognize how personable and professional Sigir is. Thanks again! 


Marilu C.

In my personal experience of years having lower back pain I have to say that professional help has made a huge difference in my daily life. We as moms are constantly exposed to physical challenges, holding a growing baby, picking up toys from the floor as well as cereals, just to mention a few...I really have to say thanks to Dr Reyes for her support and highly professional advices for my case, even during my last pregnancy (ciatic pain included).

Yoga Class

Karina R.

Sigri is, without a doubt, an amazing physical therapist! I have been going to her for any injury or pain I've had the past couple years. She has treated me for a concussion and low back/hip pain. For both treatments, she explained with such clarity and patience the plan she had for my rehab. The exercises Sigri had me doing not only brought me long-term relief, but greater flexibility and strength to return to playing sports. She's so professional and fun to work with! She keeps you motivated and makes sure you get the best care possible. I recommend her 100% Thanks Sigri !!


Reasa O.

I was so excited when I met Sigri Reyes and learned about Bump Fit Physical Therapy. She was able to give me some simple exercises and stretches to do throughout my day to help target my problem areas. In just a few days of following her recommendations I started to feel a difference. I can't wait for my post-pregnancy leg and back pain to go away. I thought it was just something I would have to live with, but now I know there is something I can do about it!


Vivian S.

Very professional, courteous, friendly, punctual, knowledgeable, took her time to show me the exercises I needed to do and highly skilled therapist.


Yashvi A.

I met Sigri after an initial ankle sprain which turned out to be a fracture. Two surgeries and many PT hours later, Sigri was able to get me back to a level of functionality I didn't think was possible for me. She is very knowledgeable and uses techniques many of my other PTs didn't bother trying, or had no experience with. She was able to push me to reach new goals and knew when to let me take it easy. I would absolutely recommend her services, especially for women's health. She is the best!! (I've had 4 other PTs)  


Lourdes D.

Few months ago, I was diagnosed with peroneal tendonitis after using a heavy pair of shoes and working many years as a nurse. I was not able to put any weight on my left ankle for more than few minutes. When I went to see my primary physician, he recommended I start physical therapy right away. I chose Bump Fit Physical Therapy. I genuinely enjoyed working with Sigri, she is very knowledgeable, friendly, patient, caring, flexible, supportive, and compassionate. After I completed my therapy/treatment, I was able to get back on my feet. More importantly, I was finally able to go back to working my 12-hour shifts, taking care of my patients. At this moment I have already recommended two of my friends to Bump Fit Physical Therapy and will continue to recommend my family and friends to see Sigri, if they ever need physical therapy. Thanks Sigri, for helping me get through this difficult time! I’m extremely grateful and blessed to have worked with you!


Danielle R.

I am a mom of three kids and am 2 months postpartum with our baby girl. Like many women I suffered from some incontinence after the birth of my first two children. It was manageable for the most part but after delivering baby Eva who was 8 lbs 7.5 oz it was no longer manageable. I was so afraid of sneezing or coughing in public! I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Reyes and it was such a great experience! I was able to bring my baby with me and Dr. Reyes saw me while she napped! Currently I have a bad cold with a lot of coughing which is a bummer but I realized I have had no incontinent issues at all! I am so grateful for the help I received and look forward to working with Dr. Reyes more in the future!


Alba S.

I went to a free info session that Sigri was having at Shift Yoga Studio, because I had been having some tightness and weakness in my pelvic floor postpartum. Sigri had a lot of really great information and was really helpful at the info session so I decided to do PT with her -- it's also really nice that she comes to your house for therapy. I had never done PT and much less for my pelvic floor so I wasn't sure what to expect. Sigri clearly explained things and always made sure I understood the reason for doing the various exercises and therapies. I really liked how her PT care consisted of a variety of things including exercises, cupping, PT tape, theragun, and massage therapy. Within a few weeks I had noticed some changes and by the end of my work with her I was pretty much back to "normal". Being an avid yogi, I felt strong enough to go back to my classes, and no longer had any pain or discomfort. I'm so happy I did my therapy with Bump Fit PT -- it was convenient, fit into my schedule, and really effective in helping me recover.

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Sarah V.

I found Sigri through my OBGYN. I was experiencing a tremendous amount of hip pain and pubic symphysis pain due my body releasing too much relaxin hormone. I Choose to go with Bump Fit Physical Therapy because I wanted to work with someone who specializes in woman’s health and has experienced pregnancy herself. Sigri is extremely knowledgeable. Bump Fit Physical Therapy helped me with some of the easiest tasks such as turning in bed and walking and dressing myself. If you are pregnant and experiencing pain walking, putting pants on and pain sleeping at night, I strongly encourage you make an appointment with Bump Fit Physical Therapy.

Heather B.

I sought physical therapy at the suggestion of my doctor after having hip issues postpartum. In the past I have not had luck with PT so I was hesitant to try. I chose Sigri because she specializes in things specific to postpartum. I’m so happy I did. She was very knowledgeable and helped to identify my issue. She was able to thoroughly explain what was going on with my body in a clear and understandable way. She will treat you in the comfort of your home and is also great about providing online content for at home exercises. I am so glad I found her. Highly recommend!!

Tiffany M.

At my six-week follow-up appointment after my third child birth, I was diagnosed with diastasis recti. I did some research for a pelvic floor therapist and came across the Bump Fit Physical Therapy instagram page. Sigri offered a free workshop at a local yoga studio and from there we connected to begin my rehab journey. Sigri's bedside manner is very easygoing, yet professional, and she answered any questions or concerns I had throughout the process. I definitely felt my core strengthen after just 2-3 sessions, and she provided me with some exercises and stretches that gave me immediate pain relief. My recommendation is to definitely use the services of Bump Fit Physical Therapy if you are experiencing any discomfort prenatal and/or postnatal. There is no need to settle for the aches and pains of pregnancy and/or the fourth trimester. Let Sigri guide you toward relief so that you can live the best version of yourself in motherhood.

Brittany L.

Sigri is incredibly knowledgeable and understanding about how difficult postpartum recovery can be physically and emotionally. She really meets you where you are to make improvement seem achievable. She treats the person, not the body part. I really enjoyed working with her postpartum and will definitely work with her during my next pregnancy (fingers crossed) to try to prevent future injuries.

Alice B.

I sought physical therapy with Sigri after giving birth via C-section. I felt clueless about how to start getting back into shape after those first six weeks of gradual healing. What made working with Sigri so great is that she tailored everything to fit my specific needs. Her progression from rehab to strength-building and muscle-toning exercises felt seamless and got me back on my yoga mat without any complications. Even more impressive is that she was able to do all of that via TeleHealth during the COVID-19 pandemic! I highly recommend Bump Fit Physical Therapy for new and expectant mothers.

I worked with Sigri on my hip issue for four sessions. She was very through with her evaluation, even though we worked online, since all businesses were closed during COVID. Her recommended exercises were right on point and she paid close attention while I went through the program to make sure I performed them correctly. After each session, she sent me instructions via email and YouTube videos with each exercise, so I can have my own library and easy to follow reminders. My hip is getting stronger and I have incorporated her exercises in my daily routine. Very happy to have found Bump Fit Physical Therapy and have recommended Sigri to my friends as well.

Emily S.

I can't recommend Sigri enough! I first heard about Bump Fit Physical Therapy through FIT4MOM Montgomery Country and contacted Sigri to get help with some lingering areas of weakness I've had since I was pregnant and gave birth 2.5 years ago. Sigri was incredibly warm and welcoming starting from the initial consultation. The exercises she prescribed were incredibly effective and I saw results right away. Contact Bump Fit Physical Therapy today - you won't regret it!

Gen. S

Sigri is amazing, with virtual sessions in lockdown, she managed my distasis recti and the c-section scar tissue discomfort. I'm now back into running and soccer with no lower back pain.

Deborah L.

Sigri is a great knowledgeable physical therapist who goes the extra mile for her clients. Not only does she travel to you, but she also has times that work conveniently for busy moms. She is well-versed with all the changes women's bodies go through during pregnancy and postpartum as a mom of 3 herself. I started seeing Sigri during my second pregnancy all the way up to 5 months postpartum. During stay at home orders, we did virtual visits which was very convenient. I initially reached out to bump fit when I was in unbearable pain. Before bump fit, I had a bad experience with a local chiropractic to deal with hip and pubic bone pain from pregnancy that sent me searching for better options. I stumbled across bump fit in a local moms group online and honestly had no idea how much I needed a pelvic floor physical therapist until I started working with Sigri. She taught me functional stretches and exercises to help ease my pains and prepare for labor. Working with Sigri was better than seeing a chiropractor in my opinion. She took time to explain things and always was quick to respond to my questions. I started to experience relief shortly during my pregnancy and was able to resume exercise safely postpartum despite having diastasis recti. Working with bump fit helped me to still be active up to delivery and make it through a long labor. I wish I had known about Sigri when I had my first child, especially postpartum. I would encourage all pregnant/postpartum moms to see a physical floor therapist and better yet see Sigri! She also sees anyone in pain or who needs physical therapy as well.

Sigri is an awesome practitioner and great human being. I met her at a pelvic floor workshop hosted by a local yoga studio. Even though I was 3 years postpartum, I still had some issues that I thought were just going to be part of life because I was an older mom. I was curious about what she had to say and scheduled a consult with her. Not only did Sigri's program help remedy my issues, she helped me get back on a path to returning to more intense exercise - without re-injuring myself as I had done many times in the past. And all of this during a global pandemic while she was herself pregnant! We met in person for a couple of sessions but then did our remainder of sessions via telehealth, which worked so much better than expected. Sigri was super helpful to me - I would definitely recommend her!

Nora C.

I got incredible, individualized PT during my pregnancy, from diagnosis to treatment. When my other healthcare practitioners couldn't diagnose my issues, Sigri knew right away how to help. After our first session, my pain improved dramatically, and we gradually worked up from pain relief to strengthening, ultimately helping me prepare for labor. I'm so grateful for Sigri's help and expertise!

Laura A.

Sigri was great! She varied up the exercises I should be working on every visit, so now I have a nice toolbox of things to continue to work on!

Dara, B.

I highly recommend Bump Fit and Sigri! I first started working with her right before the pandemic hit so was able to get in a few in person visits. After many years and various treatments for chronic low back pain and more recent pelvic floor issues that had not been addressed, I wanted to try something different. I met Sigri through a pelvic floor workshop at a local yoga class and am so glad I did! Her warm and personal manner, individualized approach, flexibility and understanding were so helpful to me. The in-home option (when safe), telehealth and follow up with specific exercises and check ins were really helpful. She is always available for questions and clarifications. She gave me a few tips that I had not heard before which have been extremely helpful. I think that having an approach which was holistic and focused on women’s health was very beneficial to me. And Sigri is a mom of three herself so totally understands the challenges on all levels! I would send anyone who is looking for support around pelvic floor and/or back pain issues to Sigri

After two pregnancies only 16 mo apart, I could tell my pelvic floor muscles were not able to function properly and my already poor posture had gotten worse. I learned about Bump Fit Physical Therapy through my yoga studio and decided to give it a shot. Sigri was fantastic to work with! With two small kids, it was so easy to have her come to my home or to do telehealth visits instead of having to travel to PT appointments. Within 6 weeks, my pelvic floor issues were resolved and I have noticed more awareness and strength leading to improved posture. I can now exercise without fear of leaking and I have a whole toolbox of exercises that I can continue to blend into my workouts. As I now go into my third pregnancy, I feel strong, healthy, and prepared for all the changes my body will be going through before and after birth. Thank you so much Sigri!


Sigri did a fantastic job in helping me with my pubic symphysis pain! I would highly recommend her services.

Sherrene, B.

Bump Fit was everything I knew I needed, but had never known was out there. I'm so happy I stumbled upon it even 7 years post-pregnancy! Sigri's services helped relieved years of debilitating sciatic nerve and pelvic pain. All mothers should make this apart of their pre/post pregnancy regimen to make their overall health better in the long-run.

Stephanie, G.

Highly recommend Bump Fit for pelvic floor issues, diastasis recti and general PT. I chose bump fit because I wanted someone who works specifically with postpartum issues. I was having discomfort in a few places after giving birth and after about 6 session I was up and running again! Thank you! What's truly amazing for the busy working mom is that Sigri will make house calls, one less errand to run! She shows up at the door and does her magic. I'll be reaching out after baby number 2 I'm sure :)

I cant not say enough good things about Sigri and Bump Fit Physical Therapy!!! I have 3 kids, 5 and under and let's just say my body isnt what it use to be. After about a year of putting myself on the back-burner, I decided I needed to do something for me and a big part of that was trying to fix some of the problems I was left with after delivering 3 babies. I was dealing with a pretty deep and wide diastasis recti gap, urinary incontinence from prolapsed bladder, and lower back pain (from a work related injury). I reached out to Sigri through a FB birth workers group we're both in, timid and nervous about starting and trying to fix what seemed to me insurmountable issues, but Sigri calmed all those nerves. She has been an absolute dream to work with. We did an initial consult, with my kiddos screaming in the background and I never felt judged on the chaos then or at any of our other visits. We talked through a plan and then met weekly. She was willing to travel a bit further than normal to meet at my house for visits. We did a mix of in-person and virtual visits, each week, building on exercises to help strengthen my lower back, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. After a little over 4mo of working with Bump Fit, I've made awesome progress. The diastasis recti gap has closed significantly, lower abdominal muscles are closed and I feel strength in my core that I've been missing since baby #2. The urinary incontinence issues I was dealing with (leaking when jumping, dancing, fast walking, laughing too hard, and just randomly) are drastically better!! The only time I deal with urinary incontinence issues now is with jumping and even then, if I take time to set myself, do the breathing exercises and control my pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, I can jump with no issues. The exercises have also tremendously helped when I'm dealing with lower back issues. If you're questioning whether or not you need these types of services, dont, reach out to Sigri and Bump Fit TODAY, and work on yourself. I was sad when I "graduated" from her program, but that meant I had done the work to fix the issues I was having. Forever grateful to Sigri!!!

Kiyonda, P. 

I worked with Sigri for about 8 weeks on my recovery. I didn’t know services like this existed postpartum and it was well worth the time investment to get my body back to some normalcy. The exercises were tailored to my needs each week, the massage therapy was great to help easy any pain and discomfort. I look forward to incorporating the techniques into my workout routine- thank you Bump Fit!

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Doctor of Physical Therapy | Corrective Exercise Specialist| Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Specialist| Concussion Specialist

Dr. Sigri Reyes is the owner and founder of Bump Fit Physical Therapy. Through her personal experiences in pregnancy and postpartum, Dr. Reyes’ interest peaked in this specialized field because she realized follow up visits with her OBGYN were not as comprehensive as other countries around the world. This leaves many postnatal women at risk for injuries, pain and movement dysfunctions.

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Corrective Excercise Specialist  through National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

We have advanced training through The Tummy Team.

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Specialist through Knocked Up Ftiness

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