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What's Your Standing Style?

Mothers with newborns have some of the worst postures I've seen. Between feeding their baby, rocking them to sleep, or holding them while attempting to reach for the diaper bag and assuring to keep his or her neck stable, mom's often find themselves to be quite the contortionists. Even though comical when describing, these adapted postures can be minor to the extreme. Check out the postures below and see if you have caught yourself in one or more of these categories.

The Hunchback - where mom has spent numerous hours nursing her babe and has now conformed her body in that position- rounded shoulders, rounded upper back, head and neck bent forward. (left)

These Hips Don't Lie - with typewriter hips either shifted to the left or right, she tends to carry her kids on her hip causing her upper body to shift to the opposite side of her typewriter hip. (below)

Booty Banisher - Hips, pelvis, and bum are tucked beneath her, knees locked, flat lower back and rounded upper body. (below)

The Shelf - Booty popped with the low back arched further than usual. People often mistake this as good posture because they are generally able to maintain the upper half of their body in good form, however to the trained eye can tell the difference.

I know I was a "Booty Banisher" when holding my newborn and rocking him to sleep. It was easier to relax into your weak and tired body. After my little one grew and was able to support himself more, I transitioned into "These Hips Don't Lie" and later discovered major discrepancy between my left and right sides which started causing some back problems. Whichever category you fall under try to stand with equal weight between both legs, knees soft, chest up and shoulders rolled back. Try this simple stretch and exercise to find a neutral pelvis to avoid the "Booty Banisher" and "Shelf" postures.


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