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Attention Expecting and  Postpartum Mothers

Here's How To Strengthen And Heal Your Pelvic Floor So That You Can Eliminate Self-Doubt And Be A Good Role Model For Your Kids

These Exercises Have Helped Countless Mothers Become Strong And Healthy For Their Families...



I was so afraid of sneezing or coughing in public! I decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Reyes and it was such a great experience and the exercises were great! I have had no incontinent issues at all! I am so grateful for the help I received and look forward to working with Dr. Reyes more in the future!

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Bump Fit had an excellent fitness plan for me as I eased back into fitness after my second c section. Their fitness plan allowed me to reconnect with my core and shed the baby weight. The workouts were simple and effective and I was able to do them at home with minimal equipment with my baby by my side.



I had been having some tightness and weakness in my pelvic floor postpartum. Sigri had a lot of really great information.  Sigri clearly explained things and always made sure I understood the reason for doing the various exercises and therapies.  Within a few weeks I had noticed some changes and by the end of my work with her program I was pretty much back to "normal". Being an avid yogi, I felt strong enough to go back to my classes, and no longer had any pain or discomfort. 

Image by Jonathan Borba


I definitely felt my core strengthen after just 2-3 weeks, and some exercises and stretches that gave me immediate pain relief. My recommendation is to definitely use the services of Bump Fit Physical Therapy if you are experiencing any discomfort prenatal and/or postnatal. There is no need to settle for the aches and pains of pregnancy and/or the fourth trimester. Let Sigri guide you toward relief so that you can live the best version of yourself in motherhood.



Sigri is awesome! I had some upper back pain after the birth of my son and it would not go away. My core isn’t great and I probably got the pain due to the way I was nursing my son. The exercises and stretches helped to regain strength in my back. Sigri is very knowledgeable and explains all the exercises. She knew exactly what my needs were and I can’t thank her enough for helping me with my back. I highly recommend her. Thanks Sigri!

Here's Excatly What You'll Get WIth: The Bump Fit Postpartum program

The Bump Fit Postpartum Program

  • 3 workouts per week for 6 weeks that focus on upper body, lower body and core that include photos and directions to show you exactly what to do so that you can begin restoring your core, pelvic floor, and regain muscle.

  • Over 50 Different Exercises - so that you are not repeating the same exercises week after week.

  • Stretches to restore your posture

  • Prep Week Cheat Sheet to help you be prepared for your little bundle of joy!

  • Exercises you can start on day 1 postpartum!

  • Progression of exercises created by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and OBGYN Approved!

  • Printable PDFs of all the Workouts. No need for a recurring memebership. Yours Forever!

  • Additional tips on pelvic floor and diastasis recti prevention and awareness

  • Learn why breathing properly can have a huge impact during pregnancy and help with recovery postpartum.        ($3,600 value)

Bump Fit Diastasis Recti 


Diastasis Self- Checklist so that you can test how your mom pooch is healing. ($100 value)

Plus, I'm Throwing In this $30 Gift, Completely free!

Powerful, Pregnant & Prepared

I genuinely want you to succeed and be the best mom for you and your family...

To continue taking actions towards transforming the quality of your life you will get access to Bump Fit's Exclusive Facebook group.


In the group you will find additional workout tips on how to deal with pelvic floor issues and access to a Pelvic Floor Specialist!


If you were to sign up for physical therapy with me where we would have one-on-one hour long sessions, it would easily take 6-12 weeks to do everything from the evaluation, re-assessments and treatments to improve muscle strengthening, posture training, breathing corrections, and addressing the impairments to get you back to your pre-pregancy activities. At nearly $200/hour, it would turn into a pretty expensive treatment it usually does with physical therapy with a pelvic floor specialist.

One of the reasons I can offer the program at this price is because I don't physically have to be in the clinic or traveling to your home for follow up sessions. You get the exact exercises I have my postpartum mamas do in physical therapy, the tips, and access to the group INSTANTLY! .

Because of that, I'm releasing the Bump Fit Postpartum Program today at the lowest rate possible...

NORMALLY $150  JUST For Today $45 

What WOuld Your HEalth And Happiness Be Worth To You?

Knowing excactly that your little ones are always watching you, that you love your body, that you don't lack any self-confidence and are active with your family is not just a dream, it's reality! 

All you need to do is to take the first step. Let me show you how a professionally guided exercise program can change your life. Just like it did for me a few years ago.

Instead of spending hundres of dollars on personal trainers and quick fixes, give yourself the opportunity to heal at home and discover empowerment in MOTHERHOOD!

Results Guaranteed

My guarantee to you is that The Bump Fit Postpartum Guide will make a difference in your life. I know when you take action you will get results. 


These are the same exercises that I used and provide to my Physical Therapy patients. If after you invest in your health today and go through the guide and you don't believe you are healing. Simply let us know and we will return 100% of your investment.


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