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My pregnancy journey with baby #2

My pregnancy journey differed in so many ways with baby #2 versus #1.

  • For starters, I was a lot more active this time around. I exercised (not including walks) 3-4x/week up until week 36 of pregnancy and then I started to slow down. I stayed within the healthy weight gain of what doctors recommended for me this time around (maybe that exercise habit has something to do with it, haha!)

  • With my first pregnancy I had so much time on my hands and I was able to record pictures of every week and stay on top of how big baby was compared to a fruit. However with pregnancy number 2, I already had a little one to chase around plus working full time so taking weekly pictures what one of the last things on my mind.

  • Another difference were they symptoms. I had bad nausea with my second pregnancy, and for a split second I thought the old wives tails my be true and thought to be having a girl. I distinctly remember bolting out of bed a few times to run to the bathroom to puke.

  • My pubic symphysis dysfunction (PSD) kicked in a lot sooner this time around. I was able to modify and continue with my workouts, but certain exercises were definitely out of the question towards mid and late third trimester.

30 weeks pregnant

One of the biggest differences was labor and delivery.

  • Labor started around 6 am and by 2:41pm I was holding my baby boy.

  • I was able to push baby out without the assist of pain medication.

  • Baby was delivered in under 10 minutes (4 pushes total)

  • My husband was able to cut the umbilical cord (with my first pregnancy, my son got an infection and was whisked away to be monitored)

  • Skin-to-skin was immediate following birth (see above bullet point as to why not with the first one, although I did get skin-to-skin once he was in the clear)

  • I was able to get up and shower a lot quicker after delivery. The nurses kept offering pain medication, but I declined all of it because I honestly felt good and had no pain.

Can't believe I have a second little guy to love!


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