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Homemade Sorbet

We recently went on a summer vacation trip to visit the boys' grandma in Texas and it was beyond HOT! Their grandparents live in Corpus Christi, Texas where it can be 5 am or 10 pm and you can still be sweating the moment you step out the front door. As bummed as we were that we had to head back home to Maryland, we were looking forward to some cooler weather. Unfortunately, the heat wave seemed to follow us and today's "real feel" temperature was up to 106 degrees F! To add more fun to the mix, our AC unit's pipes frosted over while we were gone so my husband and I went into vampire mode and made sure to close all the blinds and shades in the home to try to retain as much cool air indoors.

We even took to washing all three dogs outside to get us cooler and while that worked temporarily, the boys did not seem to enjoy the doggie method of drying themselves off which of course requires lot's of shaking with absolutely little warning!

The boys preferred to stay cool with some homemade sorbet and all made with ingredients I already had on hand (which probably means you do too because I keep very little on hand, haha!)

I enjoyed this recipe because it required MINIMAL effort, ingredients, and had very little added sugars. There are also endless possibilities in flavors!

Homemade Sorbet


1. Mixed frozen fruits of your choice (we chose 1 banana, handful of blueberries, strawberries, mango, and pineapple)

2. 1-2 dallops of greek vanilla yogurt

3. 1 cup orange juice, not from concentrate


1. Place liquid, frozen fruit, and yogurt (in that order) into blender and blend until smooth but creamy

2. Place into popsicle molds or little cups and allow to freeze in freezer for 1-2 hours

3. Enjoy!

These mini tupperware were the perfect size for little hands!


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