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Got A Some Good Sleep Last Night...A Full 40 Minutes!

If there is one thing all pregnant mama's can agree on it's how little sleep they get especially as they near the end of their pregnancy journey. With finding a comfortable position to sleep in, baby dancing like it's disco night, any other pregnancy symptoms you may be battling (leg cramps, acid reflux, SPD, sciatica, etc.) and then needing to pee the moment you finally settle in, it's a miracle you get any rest at all!

There are some things I highly recommend when trying to settle in for the night:

  1. Don't underestimate the power of an awesome pregnancy pillow. I have used the Snoogle for all of my pregnancies and I absolutely LOVE it! You can use it in different positions and it snuggly fits your body whether you are facing towards or away from it. You can find the Snoogle here.

  2. Keep a comfortable temperature in your room. Rather than cranking up the heat in the winter, I much rather prefer adding blankets. Especially so in the third trimester, when your body temperature just seems to run higher than the non-pregnant ones. This way you can kick off the blankets and still feel good and your husband can keep on snoozing without freezing.

  3. Sleep in the buff. No really, I learned this one recently in my third pregnancy. It's already a battle with blankets and pillows to just roll over but my pjs getting caught behind or underneath me was just downright annoying! My simple solution was stripping down to my panties, haha!

  4. Empty your bladder prior to getting in bed. I am a huge water drinker and the fact that I am going to bed and know that I should limit my fluids only seems to make me more thirsty so I end up chugging a ton of water right before getting ready for bed. After I have showered, changed, and brushed my teeth I do one last bathroom call to make sure I don't have to wake up as often in the night.

  5. If you are dealing with insomnia, keep a book close by to read. It will put you back to sleep quicker than if you turn on your phone or Netflix in the dark.

  6. More Pillows! Sorry dear husband, but the more pillows I use the better sleep I get. In addition to my Snoogle, I also keep a few extra pillows on hand to place between my legs, wedge behind my back, or tuck underneath my belly.

Sleeping on your left side is the provider (doctor) preferred way to sleep during pregnancy, but it's not always possible. Some women can't tolerate sleeping on their sides or they find themselves sleeping on their back in the middle of the night which leaves them in a panic. Sleeping on your back is to be avoided as your growing uterus and baby place extra weight on your back, intestines, and vena cava (the vein that carries blood back to the heart from your lower body). If it does happen, simply roll back to your side and place a small pillow behind you to prevent it from happening again.

I use the back end of the Snoogle to accomplish this or I face towards the opening so that my back side has more support.

Below was my go-to sleep position during my second trimester. My belly wasn't as big (as it is pictured) and my knees were comfortable with a single pillow between. Whenever you sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees, make sure it runs from your crotch to at least your knees if not all the way down the ankle. This position will decrease stress on the hip and pelvis.

As I progressed in my pregnancy I needed an extra pillow between my knees to keep my hips and pelvis happy. I have had Pubis Symphysis Dysfunction (PSD) for all three of my pregnancies and while I have been able to manage the pain during the day, the night has always been the worst because that's when all my muscles relax. During the day, my muscles were actively stabilizing my pelvis.

Finally, by the time I reached the third trimester my growing belly was another factor of discomfort. Without having to use an extra pillow, I simply placed my belly on top of the Snoogle to help keep my spine in a neutral position. Also, take note of my hands. Another common complaint is carpal tunnel during pregancy. Typically this will happen when curling the hands up towards your chin as you sleep. But the Snoogle can decrease the chances of this happening.

As much as I tried laying on my sides to sleep, my body often did not tolerate this very well. Sleeping on my stomach was out of the question as was lying flat on my back. I quickly fixed this issue by propping my upper half using the Snoogle and an extra large couch pillow. Depending on how I'm feeling that night, I sometimes need an extra pillow behind me to keep me even more elevated.

And finally, when I'm not sleeping I love using my Snoogle to read or study while in bed. I love how it curls around my back and I can still use the front half to prop my book or computer.

Happy Sleeping!




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