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Energy Bites

When I was nursing my boys I would get big waves of hunger. There were times I felt I could eat the entire contents of my fridge, especially if they were cluster feeding. And as much as I wanted to eat anything and everything, I was also trying to be smart in what I ate so I could lose some of the baby weight.

And then I made some energy bites. Wow! So stinking good! It tamed my hunger and it tasted like I was having dessert for a snack. Plus, I was no longer hangry either. A win-win-win in my book.


1 C. quick cook oats

1/2 C. all natural peanut butter (almond butter works great too!)

1/4 C. honey

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

1/4 C. flaxseed meal (optional)


Mix all ingredients until combined well in a bowl. Roll into 1" balls. Refrigerate for at least 15 minutes. Enjoy!

Note: add a little more honey if adding flaxseed meal

I ate one of these between meals as a snack and it really helped keep my eating habits in check.

To learn more about the protein powder I use post-partum click here.


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