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A Different Kind Of Women's Health PT

Owner Dr. Sigri Reyes, PT, DPT says Bump Fit Physical Therapy is not your typical outpatient clinic. For starters, we provide concierge physical therapy to make your life a little less stressful by coming to you wherever you need us - whether that be at home, work, or gym. As a mother of two little one’s. Dr. Reyes knows it can be a challenge to take your kids to doctors appointments from getting to the office on time, to bringing plenty of entertainment for the waiting room and then the actual appointment, to scheduling around nap times.

Treatment with Bump Fit Physical Therapy is not just focused on the symptoms but seeing the whole picture and getting to the root cause of the pain and dysfunction. Unlike a traditional physical therapy clinic, you spend 100% of your appointment with a board certified physical therapist who will provide you with a customized treatment plan, is always available to answer any questions, and is there to ensure you perform your exercises correctly to set you up for optimal success. Whether you are coming in to see us for diastase recti, pelvic pain/dysfunction, incontinence, prolapse, low back pain, sciatica, neck or upper back pain trust that every treatment plan is made with the busy mom in mind. Your home program is thoughtfully intertwined with your normal daily routine to make it easier to complete and because we have found improved outcomes when patients do exercises throughout the day rather than carving out a certain time.

In addition to being a board certified physical therapist, Dr. Reyes is a pre/postnatal exercise specialist and has created a virtual gym via Facebook. In this private mommies only group, you have access to a 12 week exercise program, a professional to ask fitness related questions, other moms to keep you accountable and motivate each other, exercise modifications and tips such as how to perform or modify exercises if you are healing from a diasitis. Exercises require minimum equipment, are home based, and are about 30 minutes in length to be easily completed during your child’s nap time.

Try this Booty focused exercise (below). It's from week 1 of the virtual gym 12-week program. Aim to complete 3-4 rounds in 30 minutes time with 15 reps of each exercise (per side). Request to join this virtual private community to get access to the entire workout program, fitness tips, modifications, and more! Bump Fit PT's Virtual Gym


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